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Yakima new business advisor

Starting a new business is exciting but a number of financial issues must be addressed. Figuring out how to best organize your finances and how to comply with changing tax laws can be a challenge for new business owners. Mistakes at this stage can be costly and can even dictate whether your business succeeds or fails. Don’t go it alone, contact Yakima, WA CPA firm, Campbell CPA LLC. Our seasoned professionals will help you make the savvy financial decisions that contribute to your success.

We deliver on the promise to help you develop a business that’s prepared to be profitable. We’ll show you how to clarify your company’s direction with a strong business plan that defines your goals so you can obtain proper financing. Then, we’ll direct you towards the business structure that allows you to pay the lowest amount of tax allowed by law so your operation becomes profitable as soon as possible. We’ll also set up your accounting and bookkeeping processes to make tracking expenses easy and preparing for tax time a snap. Once your new operation has hit the ground running, we’ll continue to be the trusted member of your team that you can turn to for financial advice and direction.

Your New Business Advisor

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